With both chilled and frozen warehousing facilities in County Dublin & Limerick, our depots will provide a next day delivery service throughout the island of Ireland.

The expansion to Ireland was undertaken to protect our UK customers who need to send chilled and frozen samples to both the EU and Global destinations. Having the ability to pack our samples from Ireland and send them directly to other EU countries without the inconvenience of additional certification and delay was the key factor. This will allows companies with a presence in the UK and Ireland to use Irish producers to send samples of (eg dairy products) either chilled or frozen for next day delivery throughout the EU, without touching the UK or being delayed due to customs clearance issues etc.

To see a video of how our parcel system works, please click here.

For more information about Frigoré in the UK and how things work, please visit our website. Ireland will follow a similar path with all the same services that are currently offered to our customers.