How do I book “Online” and what are the costs?
For Parcels, simply complete our Quick Quote inputting the relevant information. The cost of the packaging materials has been built into the quotation, so whether you pack yourselves or whether we pack on your behalf the rate is the same. The only things not covered in the published rate is VAT, Customs Clearance Costs and any duties payable at the point of entry (normally for countries outside the EU). These costs can be allocated to the Consignee (point of delivery) by ticking the relevant box if you proceed to order. These costs will be paid in the local currency to the relevant Customs Department by the Consignee.

Do you use dry ice or any other hazardous material?
No, we never use dry ice for packing, it’s hazardous, expensive and often parcels are taken off flights because of its hazardous nature. Everything we use is recyclable, returnable and re-usable. Technical information can be sent to you upon request. We aim for 100% on time deliveries using our high end products which offer a genuine alternative to this Hazardous Class 9 product. Our parcels travel as normal everyday products, as we have effectively created a mini fridge / freezer in a box ,using environmentally friendly products which are handled by logistics staff and customs as if it were a box full of books.

Can I track my Parcel?
Yes, when you have booked, simply tick the box and input your email or mobile phone details. You will then receive the notifications of collection & delivery etc.

How do I describe my goods and are they insured?
When inputting dimensional data etc., your goods should be described as “foodstuffs” Your products are automatically insured for up to £50 covering loss or damage, which is included in your quotation. If you have high value goods, we can offer you “enhanced compensation” if required. For a surcharge of £20, you can choose cover up to the value of £500 for each consignment or a surcharge of £30 for cover upto £900 per consignment. This optional cost will be added to your quotation prior to placement of your order. Any claim needs to be submitted within 14 days of delivery. (Click here for details of Enhanced Compensation).

Payment Methods
All customers are required to register their Company Details online. Payment methods can be selected by completing our credit application form and selecting the preferred method of payment.

Enhanced Liability for Peace of Mind.
We take the utmost care with all our shipments. There are on occasions circumstances which are simply beyond our control. Frigoré offers enhanced consignment liability, £40 covers you for up to £600 per consignment.

Every shipment we accept is covered by BIFA Standard Terms & Conditions However, these conditions offer limited liability based on weight, not the actual value of your shipment. With our enhanced liability, there’s no need to use a separate insurance provider. Simply add this to your service when you book a shipment to manage your worldwide shipping with just one supplier.

Our Optional Enhanced Liability provides cover as per details below:

Peace of mind – Cover the value of your shipment.

Easy management – Simply choose this option when you book.

Global coverage – We cover almost any shipment, across more than 200 countries

£40 covers you for up to £600 per consignment.

Our enhanced liability scheme protects you against loss or damage of your consignment in transit up to the maximum value declared by you, provided that you satisfy the conditions of making a claim. In the event of partial loss or damage, the settlement figure will be calculated as a proportion of the total declared value. It does not give you protection against losses incurred by delay.

For consignments valued over £600, please speak with our Specialist Broker who will represent you. The Insurance Broker Limited, on 01772 780380. Costs may vary in selected countries.