Temperature Controlled Logistics – Warehousing
Our warehouses are strategically located through the middle to the UK to provide regional packing locations. As we expand our business, more packing and storage locations will emerge until the Major Counties in the UK and Ireland are covered.

If you wish to apply to become an approved supplier to Frigore Limited, please complete our “Approved Supplier Application Form” as per our weblink

The primary objective of our warehouses is to provide external logistical support to our customers. If you want us to store pallets or call off chilled or frozen parcels each day to different global locations, then that works for us. We hold all the Frigore packaging material at each depot.

If it’s European Groupage or offloading a Container, each of our Chilled / Frozen Warehousing Partners has the right solution for you. Each of our warehouses is different, but all offer the same core services and industry standards.  If you would like to become one of our preferred suppliers please complete our online form here –  Frigoré supplier application form

To book parcel deliveries directly through your P.C. you will need to register for an account. This account applies a discounted tariff to you through a customer login. Once your account is open, you can book online and receive automated proof of delivery etc. Please click the following link to set up your account, Sign up.